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Is DIY Pressure Washing a Bad Idea?

There is no doubt that a pressure washer is a fast and effective cleaning device. While power washing, different surfaces demand a specific tip or nozzle and a recommended pressure setting to prevent damage. Only our trained professionals are familiar with the equipment suitable for intensive washing of your fence, roof, deck, walkways, etc.

If you believe that undertaking this task yourself is the next practical step to take, you could be mistaken, and it also could be very costly. Managing designated power washing tools should be done with caution, with a successful outcome. Cleaning the hard to access spots also requires a specific skill set. Our experienced professionals at Pressure Wash Sacramento located in Davis are specialized and highly trained in all pressure washing procedures.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Adopting this method of power washing allows you to:

  • Enhance the appeal of your home by ridding the exterior of accumulated grime and algae.
  • Extend the life of your deck, roof, driveway, fence, and/or other exterior surfaces.
  • Negotiate a deserving price while selling your property.
  • Revive your dull looking surfaces after intensive washing.

Components of Power Washers

These high-powered machines consist of a:

  • Water pump
  • Hose
  • Trigger-style gun switch
  • Electric or gas-fuelled engine
  • Varying types of nozzles
Dangers of Doing Pressure Washing Yourself

There is a purpose for which power washing service providers like Pressure Wash Sacramento in Davis came into existence. Our technicians undergo years of training till they perfect the art of doing a thorough cleaning using the proper equipment at their disposal.

Thinking that you can achieve the same level of perfection is a very misleading thought. DIY is not recommended in this case and proves disastrous for the following reasons:

Applying Too Much Pressure

As a person not used to handling power washers, you can easily underestimate the jet’s power and its impact on an exposed surface. As water gushes out, it can damage the area you intend to clean and restore back to its natural beauty.

The ideal pressure varies across exterior surfaces, and it is equally essential to maintain an adequate distance between the washer’s tip and the dirty surface. For instance, a high-pressured jet at close quarters can etch lines into the sides of your home or strip your wooden deck.

Absence of Detergent

Undertaking pressure washing with plain water does not achieve the desired outcome. Loading the appropriate ratio of a recommended cleaning solution into your washer will have an effective impact. Pressure Wash Sacramento in Davis refrain from using water-only mixtures as these are responsible for spreading mold and causing further damage.

Not Conforming to Cleaning Guidelines

Your efforts do not bear fruit when you lack the knowledge and technique associated with using a power washer. On the contrary, you may end up worsening the condition of your home.

Pressure Wash Sacramento professionals have acquired the necessary knowledge and have been trained on the desirable techniques to carry out comprehensive power washing in Davis. They approach it systematically by holding the washer at the right angle, maintaining a safe distance, keeping the nozzle moving, and applying even pressure.

Contact our skilled technicians associated with Pressure Wash Sacramento in Davis who professionally carry out this essential practice and leave you a satisfied consumer.


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