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Looking for Professional Pressure Washing Services?

Pressure Wash Sacramento offers a wide range of exterior cleaning services. We utilize pressure on durable surfaces such as brick, metal, concrete, wood and other durable surfaces. Allow our team or professionals take care of your pressure washing needs.

Pressure washing should be done by a professional. Many issues can happen during the cleaning process if the wrong process is used, wrong chemicals used and in proper technique. These can cause irreversible damage to your property.

Brick Cleaning

Do you have a brick exterior or brick retaining wall? Brick tends to get organic growth and dirt stuck to it over the years which can make your brick look awful. We can easily and properly clean these surfaces to look new again.

Deck Cleaning

Is your once beautiful deck starting to look dirty? Is algae taking over and causing it to be a hazardous slipping slide? Give us a call so we can restore your deck to look new again!

Fence Cleaning

Years left untreated can be an eyesore. Not when you hire us to restore your fencing! Whether your fence is wood, vinyl or stucco/dryvit we can easily clean your fencing to bring back the beauty it once had.


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